Let us help plan your next

strategic corporate move.

We specialize in relocating

the most critical data networks on Earth.


Headquartered in Houston, Texas, CDM360 specializes in the physical migration of high performance data networks. Our clients range from the Fortune 500 to the Fortune 5000


Our clients not only require but demand Tier IV attention, expertise, experience and execution. They trust CDM360 to relocate their data networks because we provide the highest quality service, utilizing the latest technology and the strictest best practices, insured beyond reason and totally secure.


In fact, our attention to detail and the safety of your network may seem, to some, as bordering on obsessive compulsive but to us, we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Because, quite frankly, that is how you become a leader in moving technology.



Data Solutions

Turnkey solutions.

  Unparalleled oversight.

  Stress-free execution.


CDM360 provides advice, options, and relocation solutions for any IT facility size of footprint. We move environments large and small as each client is unique. Our service ranges from 12 RU’s to 1,255 fully populated enclosures. Our policy is that ALL environments are treated as mission critical.


• Server/Network Relocation (Physical Hardware)

• Project Planning and Management

• Risk Analysis and Mitigation

• Equipment Rack and Stack

• Inventory, Packing and Transport

• Dedicated Team and Equipment


Our data center services are conducted within a project-managed model, with scalable end-to-end support. The goal of CDM360 is to protect and ensure the continued operation of IT infrastructure for our clients during any physical migration.


Our physical migration solutions include the use of custom milled materials and customized equipment to protect and secure our clients’ hardware.


We actually do have a

Dept of Redundancy Dept.


Our processes are strict and account for variables and potential unknowns during the physical transfer. We infuse redundancies and trained security professionals into the program to preserve the safety, security and custody of our clients’ systems.



Sure, you could hire

a cheaper, less experienced

company to relocate your data network.

But then you’d have to use them.


CDM360 assumes that all data systems are critical to the client. We use proprietary materials which are custom-milled for anti-static (moisture absorbing) and shock/impact reduction.


Our vans are equipped with primary and secondary (concealed) satellite and short wave tracking devices that are monitored 24/7/365.


May we suggest a more civilized way to relocate your data network?


We work best in front-end planning and cooperative playbook development. It is vital that we establish priorities, power sequencing, and risk aversion parameters as early as possible.


We’re different. And that’s good.


CDM360 operates as a fixed-team which commits fully to each client. CDM360 does not overbook or overlap services so that each client has access to 100% of our resources.


Did we mention the police escort?


We specialize in moving high value cargo safely and effectively. To this end, we insure each piece of equipment as though it is a priceless family heirloom or a museum quality work of art.


So critical is the security of your data technology that we employ armed security to insure that your equipment follows the correct chain of custody and arrives to its destination unhindered, unscathed and unharmed.



Our CEO is a bigger geek than your CEO.


Our firm has handled the physical migration and activation of more than 900 critical data center environments since 2007. Our team members have worked on more than 1,400 information technology projects since 1996 as part of a relocation, recovery or activation of critical network/data hardware.


Needless to say, the CDM360 Team is uniquely and expressly qualified to handle any of your data network relocation needs.

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Copyright © 2016  |  All Rights Reserved